Virpharm Company is engaged in development of medicinal drugs and methods of treatment of liver diseases and urogenital infections.
The Company’s research team includes research fellows with Cand. Sc. and Dr. Sc. degrees in medicine, biology and chemistry.
Research, development and manufacture are carried out jointly with large medical and research centers, and other pharmaceutical companies such as:

  • St Petersburg State Medical University named after Acad. I. P. Pavlov (St Petersburg)
  • St Petersburg State Chemico-Pharmaceutical Academy (St Petersburg)
  • Federal State Scientific Research Institution “Institute of Toxicology” (St Petersburg)
  • Influenza Research Institute under the North-West Division of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (St Petersburg)
  • Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Tekhnolog – Specialized Design & Engineering Development Bureau” (St Petersburg)
  • ZAO Pharmproject (St Petersburg)

Pilot Plant for Manufacture Medico-Biological Preparations, Federal State Institution “Russian Cardiologic Research-and-Production Complex under the Ministry for Public Health and Social Development of Russia” (Moscow)