HEPAPROT®New hepatoprotector

1. Basic data

1.1. Hepaprot is a synthetic hepatoprotector, a representative of a new class of chemical compounds.
1.2. Hepaprot shows pronounced hepatoprotector activity and concurrently is a strong inductor of endogenous interferon-alpha. Owing to this, Hepaprot efficiently protects from various virus infections, and also prevents death and destruction of hepatic cells on exposure to chemical action. Thus, Hepaprot combines in one molecule hepatoprotector and immune correcting activity.

2. Fields of application of Hepaprot


  • Acute and chronic viral hepatitides (caused by viruses A, B, C, D, Е, G)
  • Autoimmune hepatic lesions
  • Toxic hepatic lesions: alcohol- and drug-induced hepatitides, (caused by antineoplastic antibiotics, antitubercular and antiviral drugs, tricyclic antidepressants etc.), at occupational diseases caused by exposure to chemical agents, e. g. toluylene-diisocyanate.
  • Alcohol-induced cirrhoses


  • Prevention of development of chronic hepatitides (transition of an acute hepatitis to a chronic one).
  • Prevention of an outbreak of drug-induced hepatitides.