Patient product information

IMMUVAG® A new drug for stimulation of local immunity in gynecologic practice

1. Basic data
1.1. A synthetic immunomodulator of a new class of aminouracil derivatives – ImmuVag ® .
1.2. Created is a new chemical compound which shows pronounced stimulation of local immunity. Owing to this, ImmuVag ® . Is efficient for therapy of infectious and inflammatory diseases, n particular, with pathology of the urogenital tract. Application of ImmuVag would promote efficiency of treatment, preservation of the normal microflora and would make antibiotic-resistant forms less likely to be formed.
1.3. The chemical compound named ImmuVag® is innovatively chemically structured.

2. Fields of application and estimate of the potential market for ImmuVag®
2.1. ImmuVag® can be used for treatment of various inflammatory diseases of the urogenital tract.
2.2. ImmuVag® can be made in various dosage forms: tablet-form, vaginal suppositories.

3. Disadvantages of analogues and advantages of the newly developed drug
3.1. No direct analogues of this drug are known to the authors. Available in the pharmaceutical market are immunomodulators, however the majority of them are phytogenous and show no proved level of efficiency..

4. Degree of development completeness
4.1. The drug has successfully passed preclinical tests in Russia.
4.2. Efficiency is estimated on laboratory animals and cell cultures, according to the international standards.
4.3. The range and level of biological activity is determined.
4.4. A technology for producing the substance under semi-industrial and industrial conditions is developed.
4.5. A high-yield technology for synthesis of the active pharmaceutical substance and ready-to-use dosage form (vaginal suppositories) is arranged.
4.6. ImmuVag® is cost-effective.

5. Protection of the intellectual property
5.1. The patent in the Russian Federation is obtained
5.2. The international patent application (PCT) is filed
5.3. The trade mark is protected