About us

Virpharm Pharmaceutical Company was founded in 2009 in St Petersburg and is one of few domestic enterprises of this branch, which is engaged in development and registration of proprietary and innovative medicinal drugs.

The analysis of problems of modern medicine has led the company’s scientists to comprehension of the necessity of development of new drugs intended for treatment of liver diseases and gynecologic infections.

Liver diseases are of widespread occurrence in most countries, which is due to a great number of viral infections, industrial and alcohol intoxications, and use of hepatotoxic medicinal drugs. For treatment of liver diseases worldwide, there is a limited range of drugs available, mostly phytogenous, which are unable to solve current problems of therapy. A considerable share of the market of hepatoprotectors consists of bioadditives and homeopathic remedies with unproved efficiency.

Another problem of current importance is treatment of infections of the urogenital tract in women and especially in persons with impaired immunity (elderly people, HIV infected persons, patients with tuberculosis and malignant neoplasms). In the market, there are practically no drugs raising the organism’s protective activity and promoting the elimination of viruses and bacteria (chlamydia and mycoplasmas included).

The field of application of our developed drugs is treatment of various kinds of hepatitides: viral and drug-induced ones, autoimmune liver lesions, cirrhosises, and gynecologic infections.

Our team consists of highly qualified professionals with wide experience in development of new synthetic medicinal drugs, their clinical tests and introduction into medical practice.

Virpharm Company widely cooperates with medical centers and pharmaceutical companies both in Russia and abroad, following modern trends in world public health protection.